Hong Kong lottery history

surely many of you are wondering if the Hong Kong lottery is really from Hong Kong. Or Hong Kong Togel is just the name to make it look cool. Let’s discuss about the Hong Kong Togel. Hong Kong Togel is a game of guessing accurate numbers with prizes that is quite popular today. Hong Kong lottery is very well known and is widely played in big countries such as the USA, Sydney, Cambodian and of course Indonesia.

Because I wrote the Hong Kong Togel article for the Indonesian people, we only discussed the Hong Kong Togel in Indonesia. The Hong Kong lottery has existed since the 1970s and at that time there were only two markets that were believed to be true, namely, the Singapore lottery and the Hong Kong lottery.

In the 1970s the Hong Kong lottery was played in general by the Indonesian people from the upper class to the lower class. Only by installing with a dime, buyers could buy Hong Kong lottery coupons. The prizes offered by national and international agents are huge. This is what makes this game very popular, especially in Indonesia.

People can buy lottery coupons starting at 01.00 in the morning, until 22.00 at night. And after one hour after closing, the lottery numbers will be issued. For those of you who buy the exact same number as issued by the dealer, then you will get a big prize.

Lots of people are trying their luck in this game.. And also many people are trying various ways to get lucky numbers. But many people also put up numbers based on their instincts. Any number that is installed has the same chance of winning. Make a lot of people more curious and keep playing until they get a prize.

Maybe you have heard about lottery for a long time because many have played it. But I’m sure there are some of you who don’t know about lottery. Or there are also those who have only heard of the name but do not understand how to play it.

Hong Kong lottery history

At first, Hong Kong was a poor country, and its people were only allowed to have a maximum of two children. Most of the people there will leave their children in care. And then his parents will be employed by the Hong Kong government as farmers or laborers. Somewhere there was a boy named Thien Su who was 14 years old. He is the son of a very friendly farmer. The nanny said that Thien Su was the most outstanding child. Besides being smart, he also likes to separate his friends who are fighting. Since school, he always gets the 1st rank in his school. Until one day he got a scholarship to study abroad. Until he came back when he was 19 years old. He returned with the knowledge he gained while abroad. After returning to Hong Kong, He thinks of the things he can do to make his parents happy. After a year he returned to Hong Kong, he intended to migrate to China to earn money, to be precise to the city of Tai Shang. He also worked there and became a waiter. Not long ago he got to know a woman who was also a waitress at the restaurant. Her name is Amei, after a month from there he seems to have started to like the girl and asked her out on a date. He also feels very compatible with Amei so that they tell each other their respective family backgrounds. It turns out that Amei is the son of a famous person in the place. His father was a guessing bookie in the city. Amei said he wanted to be a good boy so he became a waiter at the restaurant. One day Amei took Thien Su to his father’s place. One night they went to a shop run by Amei’s father. Thien Su received a warm welcome from his family. Thien Su joined the Amei family, sat down at one big table and served many dishes. So Amei and Thien Su’s father opened a long story, and on one occasion Thien Su asked how to open an accurate number guessing city. With a smile Uncle Tad (Amei’s father) said, “I don’t have a son, If Thien Su wants to study like him, please come to his house during the holidays.

Hearing these words, Thien Su smiled and was very happy. He said “I really want to make my parents happy.” Thien Su studied for 8 months and continued to study to understand the game. It turns out that the game is very easy, it’s just that the city must have 100 ancient mathematical formulas. After he mastered the science, he intended to propose to Amei, but the money was not enough. So he looked for additional work to make up for the lack of money. After getting enough money, Thien Su proposed and asked Amei to marry and invited Amei to live in Hong Kong.

The Beginning of the Hong Kong Lottery

The request was approved by Amei and his father-in-law. Arriving in togel hongkong, Thien Su and his in-laws asked the government for permission to open a lottery business to guess the numbers with prizes. 2 months after that the permit was officially issued. After that, Thien Su opened a racetrack. He opened in Hong Kong on a land area of ​​86,000 square meters. He also built a horse racing arena and broadcast it on television and radio. so that Hong Kong people can find out. In just 3 months, Thien Su had already gained 15 million players and made his guessing game even more advanced.