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Uncharted Waters Online : Aztec Update

Uncharted Waters online devs have updated the game with the Aztec Update: The City of Golden Culture Revealed content. The new content allows players to travel deep into the Amazon jungles of South America to the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan. The new update also includes the 'player built economy' and provides the opportunity to build cities.

Whereas previously, players could only conduct limited economic activities in established cities, the new player-built economy allows gamers to develop a city from the ground up in five distinct categories: Frontier City, City of Culture, Commerce City, Armed City or the ultimate, Central City. Rounding out the robust set of new features, the update will also allow players to participate in a brand new country level quest, develop their own delicious recipes, (Uncharted Waters Online Gold)and exercise the dock system, which enables players to anchor their ships.

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