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Eden Eternal Reveals Halfkin and Ursun!

Aeria Games is previewing two new races and new features from the upcoming content update for its highly popular MMORPG, Eden Eternal. The F2P RPG features 12 playable classes with the ability to change classes, customizable player guild towns and intense dungeon combat. The preview video gives players a sneak peak at the new exciting content scheduled for release in late November.

In the video, players will catch a glimpse of the mighty bear-like Ursun race as well as the cute and clever Halfkin race that look similar to small humans. The Ursun are a fierce race that takes pride in loyalty and have the ability to craft glyphs—a special item that will boost player stats. The Halfkin can create Trophy Enhancements, special enchantments that are used to enhance trophy items that players can earn by raising their fame in each town.

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