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Digimon Master's Online Open Beta

Well Digimon Master's Online is having it's open beta test begin, just a few days from now. I have been a fan of Digimon (Digimon Masters Online)since the first TV series came out in america, when I was around 6, so I am really looking forward to this game. From what I have seen in the past, the Digimon iteration have been pretty good, although for the most part they were quite repetitive; this game looks to be a standard pet based MMO, but the license could easily be enough to sell it for me. With this game promising over 1000 characters from the shows, which I take to mean Digimon and some of the tamers, I can atleast say that they have a lot of content, I only hope that they alter the game later on to allow for customization of the Digimon and your Tamer, or else being in the world with a bunch of identical people could kind of ruin the immersion factor. My other main concern is that there will be 4 or 5 super powerful Digimon with the rest being crap, which would mean EVERYONE has those couple of Digimon; the nice thing about the license is that all Digimon reach Mega level, so I really hope they use that and create a level playing field with Digimon that creat different play styles.

I intend to post more about my opinions of the game and what issues, bugs or design choices, that I see while I am playing, partly so others can see, (Digimon Masters Online Gold)a little bit to practice my writing skills and mostly to just see how my opinions change over time. Until then, see you soon!

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