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The Database of Diablo 3 Items Opens to the Public

The database is very large.Players can plan ahead when they have the best weapons.You can also click to view high-level weapons such as the legendary level MoonSlayer, or find weapons of monks Wolverine Logan's claws.According to the news, Blizzard released a large information database of Diablo3,detailing a lot of weapons and armor of the basic information, as well as some distinctive formula. Diablo 3 Items are supposed to assigned to two features in their equipment system.

Like the Diablo 2,players once make out the clearance in Diablo 3, they can choose more advanced and more powerful props. Three levels of difficulty were common, nightmare and hell level.Blizzard has been silent on the issue that whether to join similar equipment system in Diablo 3 Items database or not.For general, nightmare, hell and purgatory and so on.Blizzard has said, trying to get more advanced items issued in the fall when the louder or more distinctive sound.The team also adopted a new item drop mode, when the online multiplayer, each player can see the monsters drop is different.For example, player A see is a sword, and Player B will see a shoulder. And even some players do not see anything.

According to the information that Blizzard mentioned in other articles, depending on the similar "contribution" of parameters. The higher your contribution, you get the greater the chance of good items. It may also be exacerbated by the current from the other side of single MF situationThe development team also worry too much about the different items, but as long as the players do not need these items, you only need to pick up and then dropped, (Diablo3 Gold)the other players can see this on the same items.This site can provide rich information about Diablo 3 Items and you can buy them at a low price.I hope you can enjoy your stay here and have a good knowledge of Diablo 3.

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