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Diablo 3 Gold Auction House will be online

As a part of Diablo3 beta testing version,the trial Diablo 3 Gold Auction House will be tested. With the action of Diablo 3 for the Beta test,a Beta test version of the cash auction experience will be added for the players testing the system. All players will receive 50 test Beta-game currency for buying and selling equipment. 

In this phase of Beta testing, the gold auction will be temporarily unavailable, so the equipment has been up for sale will be returned to the seller of a safe deposit box.According to Diablo 3 News, each test will be used for the test. In addition, the testing stage and the original gold auction will be used to temporarily stop all the goods.In order to ensure the cash auction system for the final version is ready, we will provide each of the players involved in the Beta testing to test a number of virtual currency sale and purchase of equipment functions within the game. This will facilitate the use of our auction, Bug identification and testing of transfer fee function.As Blizzard approach the release of Diablo 3,making the auction system to meet their highest standards is a very important part.They are committed to providing a safe, user-friendly services, and this test will lead them to the key steps to achieve these standards.With Diablo 3(Diablo3 Gold) auction systems, our goal is to provide all players a safe and secure transaction experience. We strongly recommend that players use combat network security to improve their level of account security. For more information on account security, please visit the corresponding page.

As Diablo 3 released constantly, we must ensure that the auction house capabilities to meet our highest standards. We focus on providing safe and convenient customer service, this test can help us closer to this goal.In the early stages of testing the cash auction, auction will temporarily stop using the gold to the players that took place between objects can be on a cash transaction for auction.It will help us to proceed a better test of cash auction. After a period of time, we may re-open in the IC packaging and testing gold auction.This site can provide rich services for the Diablo 3 players and you're entitled to many discounts.

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